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Planning, Consulting & Setting Up of Advanced Medical Simulation Labs & Clinical Skills lab

Simulation is the creation of an artificial environment for education, assessment, and research & health system integration with the purpose of improving patient safety, effectiveness & efficiency of delivery of health care. This will also add to the understanding of the stress response of medical professional in the simulated environment. Health care workers are at risk constantly acquiring infectious diseases like HIV & Hepatitis due to accidental injury in the process of patient care. Honing their motor skills in a simulated environment viz. learn to give injections, perform invasive procedures will help reduce or avoid these work-related injuries.

  • Mannikins made to look & function in part like a human body
  • Surgical training with manikins to simulate human organs.
  • Computerised manikins that respond to all forms of medication & other treatment.
  • Surgical training on High-fidelity surgical manikins.
  • Simulated learning with digital simulators.