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Authorised Dealers of Prestan and Zoll

Emergicare is an authorized dealer of some of the world's best manufacturers provide state of the art clinical skill development labs, tailored to fit the Institution’s budget.

Clinical skills laboratories are educational facilities that have the potential benefit for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students and medical staff. They provide a safe and protected environment in which the learner can practise clinical skills before using them in real clinical settings. These skills laboratories help to ensure that all students acquire the necessary techniques and are properly assessed before practising on real patients. In addition, they support the acquisition, maintenance and enhancement of the clinical skills of students in the healthcare profession.

Clinical skills laboratories can be used for teamwork and multi-professional education. It provides the students with the access to learning opportunities in a safe and protected environment. Bridging the gap between the classroom and the clinical setting decreases students’ anxiety.

The use of simulators enables students to practise and make mistakes without the risk to the patients or themselves. Unlike patients, simulators have predictable behaviour, experiences are reproducible and allow standardized experience. They are neither embarrassed or stressed, have no time restrictions and so can be used as required. They can be programmed to simulate selected findings, conditions, or complications and they can be used for training on the management of difficult situations.